Twilight Sun

In them concerning binoculars mount classical, there are several recommended models: 8 56 SWAROVSKI SLC, STEINER 8 X 56. In compact mount, with the advantage of smaller dimensions, the proper selection is wide: LEICA 8 X 50, ZEISS 8 X 56 VICTORY FL, SWAROVSKI SLC 8 X 50, 8 X 56 OPTOLYTH (excellent quality/price ratio). An alternative to consider is the Special range of 7 increases and front lens of 42 models mm, that maintains the same high luminosity than previous ones with a lighter weight (and smaller increase). Among them will be highlighting: SWAROVSKI SLC 7 X 42, ZEISS 7 X 42 VICTORY FL, OPTOLITH ALPIN 7 X 42. More economical, but with a quality excellent optics and hermetic mount is the magnificent BUSHNELL 10 X 43?LITE. There are also excellent compact models of 7 50 (SWAROVSKI SLC 7 X 50 B) provide maximum brightness, which are a safe choice as prismatic specializing in stalking. MOUNTAINEERING small size and light weight seem a priori conditions to require the choice of a prismatic for use in mountaineering, alpinism, trekking and the like. In this case, the choice of binoculars of Pocket seems obvious, and we recommend models of 8 increases as maximum and front of 20-24 mm lens, since provide us enough visual power and acceptable luminosity (3), with a minimum weight (approx.

200 g). Are equally suitable special models (lightened) to 8 30 mountaineering, as the sensational OPTOLYTH ALPIN 8 X 30 observation to long distance included in this category a set of special, very powerful, very heavy and very expensive models, but that are extraordinary for all kinds of uses long distance, in any of the above disciplines, and even astronomy. These binoculars have Visual powers comparable to those provided by telescopes, with the advantage of a greater field of vision and the disadvantage of a higher weight. As a standard precaution, due to the high power of these models, an observation hold on funds with high luminosity (clear sky, Twilight Sun, light reflected in the water, etc.), could possibly result in serious eye injury should be avoided. Unlike in previous sections, we discuss separately the basic features of each model, given its uniqueness and the reduced offer existing in the market. ZEISS 20 X 60 S for prismatic special mount, 20 increases of visual power and front lens d